Residential complex Luxor 1


The residential complex is located in the “Kyuchuk Paris” quarter, on “Al. Stamboliyski” 4. Thanks to the rapid pace of development of this area of the city, numerous locations for entertainment have emerged. Three large hypermarkets, a number of restaurants, cafes and playgrounds are nearby. The kindergarten and the school in the area are within walking distance, which gives an advantage and great convenience in the hectic everyday life.

The buildings are beautifully illuminated with facade LED lighting, and the terraces are highlighted with luxurious railings. The building has 9 floors, of which 8 are residential, one ground floor, where garages and commercial spaces are located, and an underground floor with numerous parking spaces.

We are driven by the desire to combine a modern and distinctive look, quality performance, comfort and security. The complex is located only 10 minutes away from the city center and offers a wonderful, soothing and invigorating view of the Rhodopes.

The building includes:

91 two-room, three-room, four-room and multi-room apartments

4 double garages

4 single garages

67 underground parking spaces

10 stores

35 storage rooms (underground level)

Жилищен комплекс Луксор 1 в гр. Пловдив, ул. Ал. Стамболийски 4. Компютърна визуализация на готовия комплекс


Residential complex with an area of 10,620 sq.m.

The project includes two residential buildings – Section A at the South end and Section B at the North end of the property. Their location is consistent with the overall infrastructure. They are harmoniously combined with each other to create a well-ventilated interior space.

The facade:

  • Stone cladding
  • Structural plaster
  • External and internal wrought iron railings
  • Led lighting
  • Stilmet 5-chamber PVC windows with multi-functional glass and aluminum cap for greater protection


4000 Plovdiv, Blvd. Al. Stamboliyski” 4


Property description

Area: 10,620 sq.m.

Location: Plovdiv, Blvd. Al. Stamboliyski” 4

Number of floors: 9

91 apartments – two-room, three-room, four-room and multi-room apartments

35 storage rooms

67 parking spaces with direct access to the residential sections

4 double and 4 single garages

10 stores

About the building

Final result

The apartments are accessed through two entrances for each of the sections. On the underground level, 35 storage rooms and 67 parking spaces are designed with direct access to the residential sections, total for both sections. On the ground level, 4 double, 4 single garages and 10 shops are provided. The buildings have a total of 91 apartments – two-room, three-room, four-room and multi-room apartments, with excellent distribution and functionality. Straight shapes are characteristic, easy to furnish and creating conditions for absorbing every part of the space. The apartments have a clear height of 2.60 m. Choosing your dream home has never been so easy!