We are pleased to present our new project “Mirage Park”.

The complex is located in the quiet and cozy Belomorski district, bordering the Kyuchuk Paris district.

Due to the residential context, this area is in an absolutely peaceful environment, with lots of green areas and a beautiful panoramic view of the Rhodopes, making it ideal for any family.

Жилищен комплекс Мираж парк в гр. Пловдив, ж.к. Беломорски. Компютърна визуализация на готовия комплекс
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The “Mirage Park” residential complex, located in the new perspective district – Belomorski, stands out as an architectural project with a number of advantages. Boutique buildings have original facade solutions combined with specific architectural elements that contribute to the buildings’ memorable appearance.

“Mirage Park” was designed with a sense of style, comfort and modernism. The planning of the homes is tailored to the needs of spacious rooms that provide more “air” and functional distribution. Each of the buildings has 1 ground floor and 4 residential floors. Each apartment has a balcony, a terrace or a private garden with an exceptional view of Plovdiv.

The buildings have a total of 258 apartments, with excellent distribution and functionality. Straight shapes are characteristic, easy to furnish and creating conditions for absorbing every part of the space.

The buildings are built according to the principles of sustainability and with materials of the highest class. Our homes are not just a material investment, but also an investment in health for you and future generations

Mirage Park 103 has 4 entrances, 138 apartments, 50 garages, 88 parking spaces (of which 2 have a station for electric cars). Area – 5451 sq. m.

Mirage Park 104 has 3 entrances, 122 apartments, 57 garages, 69 parking spaces (of which 2 have a station for electric cars). Area – 4900 sq. m.



4000 Plovdiv, “Belomorski” quarter


Property description

Location: Plovdiv, “Beolomorski” district

Number of floors in the buildings: 5 (1 ground floor + 4 floors)


Mirage Park 103

Entrances: 4

Apartments: 136

Garages: 50

Parking spaces: 88 (of which 2 have a station for electric cars)

Area: 5451 sq.m.


Mirage Park 104

Entrances: 3

Apartments: 122

Garages: 57

Parking spaces: 69 (of which 2 have a station for electric cars)

Area: 4900 sq.m.

About the building

Final result

Construction phases

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Finished project

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