Residential building okolchitsa

We are pleased to present our new project “Okolchitsa”. The residential building is located in the old and developed South area at 27 Okolchitsa Street. It has 5 floors and 10 apartments, 6 garages, 3 parking spaces. Its total built-up area is 1038 sq.m. It is in close proximity to major road arteries. It is surrounded by enough public transport stops, creating the necessary convenience of movement in today’s dynamic everyday life.

Жилищна сграда Околчица в гр. Пловдив, ул. Околчица 27. Компютърна визуализация на готовата сграда
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4000 Plovdiv, 27 “Okolchitsa” St


Property description

Area: 1038 sq.m.

Location: Plovdiv, 27 “Okolchitsa” St

Number of floors: 5

Number of apartments: 10

Garages: 6

Parking spaces: 3

About the building

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Construction phases

Finished project

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